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Product Description

Like all the stairs built by Velo Acciai, our winding stairs are entirely made of stainless steel. They feature a central core into which the steps are fitted; these are then compacted and tightened onto a tube and a final, electrowelded flange on the end, which also serves as a fixing base. The STANDARD model also includes a handrail, while the LUX model is fitted with a full-length banister with spiral tube, which is particularly suited for rooms and indoor settings. In both versions the spiral staircase is made with Aisi 304 stainless steel plating and hand burnished to a shine.

Technical features
The overall dimensions consist of 1,560 mm in diameter, while the height of each step is 216 mm. They are transported on 120 x 120 pallets and a 6 meter truck can carry 100 meters of spiral staircase. There are no limits to height, and are made to order.

Certifications and Standards
The production process for the winding stairs made by Velo Acciai is ISO 9001:2000 VISION certified. The staircases also undergo a series of internal tests and inspections.


-They feature a self-supporting structure and can be even installed in hard to reach places.
-They require no welding during mounting operations.
-They require no maintenance since they are entirely made of stainless steel.
-They feature slip-proof steps. -They are quickly and easily mounted.
-They take up little room when transported.
-Their modular structure makes them extremely versatile to meet even the most particular requirements.
-They are hand burnished to a shine.