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Product description

Velo Acciai’s catwalks are entirely made of stainless steel. They come in modules that allow for maximum customisation and boast features that make them safe, reliable and long-lasting.

Technical features
The catwalks can be manufactured in several sizes thanks to the modules, that range from 665 mm to 2,200 mm in terms of walking board width. The module lengths vary anywhere from 1 to 6 meters. They can be fitted with closing-ends that are secured with bolted brackets. We can also supply lofts and work benches.

Certifications and Standards
The production process for the catwalks made by Velo Acciai is ISO 9001:2000 VISION certified. They plants also undergo a series of internal tests and inspections.

-They feature a self-supporting structure and can be even installed in hard to reach places.
-They require no welding during mounting operations.
-They require no maintenance since they are entirely made of stainless steel.
-They feature slip-proof flooring.
-They are quickly and easily mounted without compromising their sturdiness.
-They take up little room when transported (e.g. a 6 meter truck can carry up to 300 linear meters of catwalk).
-Their modular structure makes them extremely versatile to meet even the most particular requirements.